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Testimonials: Testimonials

5 STARS! My experience with hair cuts and coloring for my wavy hair is very exceptional. The professionalism and skill level of the stylists are above standard!!

Sharon Dunseath 12-12-22

5 STARS! My first time going with Morgan and she listened to my needs, giving me an amazing red color with highlights! I felt she was very attentive and did not feel rushed.

Natasha McDaniel 12-09-22

5 STARS! Every time I step foot in Great Lengths I walk out looking and feeling fantastic! The new haircut method is phenomenal, I have so much more volume and a better shape! Elizabeth is a god with color, I never leave unsatisfied.

Nel Rourke 11-19-22

5 STARS! Margot Weslee gave me the best haircut of my life!!! I’ve struggled to properly take care of my curls and give them the attention they need so I lost a lot of confidence in my hair, but Margot helped me get it back. She was an absolute genius— she knew exactly what was causing my hair issues and why, and what I needed to do to fix it and why. I trust her completely with my hair and I recommended my curly-haired friend to Great Lengths Salon! Margot Weslee was such a joy to spend my afternoon with and I will definitely be coming back!!!

Catherine Bruner 09-22-22

5 STARS! My experience with Maribel was simply magical, and discovering my curls and how to work with them has been incredibly liberating and a dream fulfilled! I’m truly grateful for the joy this has sparked in me and how that impacts my daily life. Thank you so much. Maribel! You are an amazing soul!

Miki Bryant 08-11-22

5 STARS!  I loved my visit and my stylist, Morgan. This is the perfect cut for me and my hair hasn't looked this good in years! I'm so excited I found her.

Robin Edmiston 07-27-2022

5 STARS! My appointment was with Caroline. She was kind and caring and professional. She was so positive in reassuring me that we could work together to find a style that I would be pleased with.

Sur Banister 06-28-2022

5 STARS! Obsesseddd with my deva cut by Morgan!

Chloe Rick 06-03-22

5 STARS! I've been with Maribel for about a year and a half now and she is absolutely amazing. My deva curl and color look great every single time! So glad to have found her!

Laura Oseman-Provience 04-19-2022

5 STARS! I am blown away by the knowledge, the attention and the patience of Morgan. She gave me the best information and the best instruction I’ve ever had in regards to my hair. I am so excited to have her to go to now. My hair has NEVER looked this healthy, shiny and touchable. I am beyond impressed.

Dawn Edwards 4-4-22

5 STARS! Elizabeth did an amazing job on my haircut today! She was so kind and really took her time to teach me how to properly care for and style my hair. I loved the DevaCut she gave me, and the products she recommended!

Lydia Hadaway 03-18-22

5 STARS!  My job in the entertainment industry requires me to travel all over. I have had my hair cut and styled in Paris, London, Manhattan, and in Chic locations in San Francisco and the like. But Great Lengths Salon is the first place I've felt really understood the texture and movement of my hair. They are able to cut it and style it in a way that is very natural and celebrates the way my hair grows. My hair had become dry, flat, and lifeless from being overworked in other salons and being given cuts that did not support the natural wave in my very thick hair. The team at Great Lengths was able to determine my hair was not nourished enough and was able to recommend some very simple approaches to moisturize my hair on my own at home. With this and their awesome approach to cutting and styling, my hair began to take on life and wave and body and shine I have not experienced in 20 years. I feel younger and more attractive and it is so easy to have a great hair day every day now. Great Lengths is now my favorite place of all to treat myself to having a great hair life!

Anita Lenhart 3-16-22

5 STARS!  Ms. Carol, cut my hair today and I walked out as I have never walked out of a haircut before. I came out so happy. She cut my hair so well and exactly how it needed to be cut because of how my hair is. She was very nice and knew what she was doing. Will be coming back!!

Kevin Guzman 03-05-2022

5 STARS! AWESOME! Loves it!

Deana Orvin 2-25-2022

5 STARS! Morgan did a terrific job. She listened to me, knew what would look good, and gave me a wonderful cut, plus she was fun to talk to.

Hannah Grabenstein 2-24-2022

5 STARS! Know why I LOVE Great Lengths Hair Salon??? Not only do they teach me about how to get the look I want out of the salon, but they teach my 14-year-old daughter as well!! She LOVES her hair and everything she can do with it! She gained that confidence from the experts I trust at Great Lengths. And what I love most is that I don’t have to argue with my teenager anymore about her hair, thank you Great Lengths for making my relationship with my teenager even that much sweeter!!!

Amber Abney 02-23-22

5 STARS!  Maribel did a wonderful job on my cut and color! She is always a pleasure. Thank you.

Ashley Boyd 02-23-22

5 STARS!  I absolutely love Great Lengths! Maribel always makes me feel so pampered and beautiful. All the stylists are so personable. A lifelong customer here.

Mayaveillie Bochas 2-17-2022

5 STARS! I love Great Lengths hair salon my stylist Caitlyn is great. She showed me how to treat my natural curls. My hair has never looked healthier. I experienced hair loss on the top of my head after the death of my Mother and she helped me work through it told me what I needed to do and now it is almost all back.

Linda Wassmer 2-09-2022

5 STARS! Maribel did an excellent job determining what my curly hair needed for shape and conditioning. The color and cut were fitting for my lifestyle.

Kirsten King 2-6-2022

5 STARS! It is wonderful! The best haircut ever!

James Reardon 2-4-2022

5 STARS! Brooke is amazing! My color has never looked better and I love my curls!

Terri Wood 2-2-2022

5 STARS! Maribel is the absolute best hairdresser I’ve ever been to! She has taught me how to take care of my hair and given me great advice. She’s a master at the diva cut and highlights! She will transform your hair for the better! If you struggle with your curly hair go see my girl!

Marie Kraker 02-01-2022

5 STARS! Margot Weslee gives top notch head massages. She took her time and got all the right pressure points that made me unclench my jaw and ease my mind as the warm water flowed in the sink in the shampoo bowl behind me. 5 out of 5 ⭐️ Shampoo service

Cat 01-15-2022

5 STARS! Elizabeth was great. Did a very good job and was very nice. I got the Brazilian Blowout and I don't think I like my hair so soft so not sure I will do it again....but I definately recommend Elizabeth for any service!

Helen Leitner 10-12-2021

5 STARS! Maribel was my stylist. I was blown away by my experience at this salon. Maribel was knowledgeable and very helpful throughout my appointment. My hair always looks best after leaving the salon but with the tips she gave me I am able to have great looking curls all of the time. I’m very pleased with the customer service that everyone at the salon gave me from the moment I walked in the door. I highly recommend and I look forward to my next appointment.

Brooke Fletcher 09-27-21

5 STARS! I’m a curly girl. Been waiting my whole life for a salon and stylist who knows how to care for curls. I feel so confident leaving my tresses in Maribel’s hands and Great Lengths. I just left with my cut refreshed and it feels SO good. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Teresa Ulrich 06-08-2021


"Hey Carol, I just wanted to tell you that I love my hair, and you are amazing, and you can't ever retire. I have done nothing to it since I left your salon yesterday! Just wanted to tell you that I love my hair and that you are amazing and have a great Sunday"

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