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5 STARS! I have been in my fair share of salons over the years and over the USA, and I can honestly say this is the BEST SALON IN AMERICA. I trust EVERY single person in the salon with my hair. With great hair, comes great confidence and I leave with buttloads of confidence because of the care and expertise by the staff at Great Lengths. Curly, straight, thin or thick, the ladies at Great Lengths have you covered. You will feel like a MILLION bucks when you leave!

Amber Abney 12-11-2019

5 STARS! I love the way Melody does my hair. She is the BEST!

Barbara Scott 12-06-2019

5 STARS! Everything about Great Lengths is wonderful, from the people to the service to the products offered. I have always had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend.

Anonymous 12-06-2019

5 STARS! Caitlin & Carla are always great Both make the experience easy. In & out & not there all day. Thank you!

Jennifer Valli 12-06-2019

5 STARS! Brooke is fabulous! She is a true artist and a perfectionist when it comes to the deva cut and color. The entire staff is courteous and professional.

Betty Hanock 12-06-2019

5 STARS! Caitlin is fantastic! Absolute best stylist I've found in the 5 years I've been in Memphis.

Abbey Cowens 12-05-2019

5 STARS! Melody is great! Love my cut.

Beryl Wight 11/05/2019

5 STARS! I developed curly hair after chemotherapy. After 15 years I thought I had lost most of my curl as I only had wavy hair. Paula showed me that I had not lost my curl! She showed me step by step how to care for my hair and give it the TLC it had been missing. I love my hair now! All these years I have had stylists cut and straighten my hair because it was so frizzy. Well, goodbye straight and frizzy hair! Many thanks to Great Lengths and especially to Paula for bringing my hair back to life!!

Karen Dickerson 11/01/2019

5 STARS! Caroline did my wedding hair yesterday and she perfectly captured everything I wanted! She and the rest of the staff were so sweet and did a fabulous job! My hair survived the rain, wind and LOTS of dancing! Thank you, Caroline and the rest of the Great Lengths team!

Abby McDonald 10/27/2019

5 STARS! Loved my Great Lengths experience! Everyone was wonderful!!! Hopeful that the next visit will be a little shorter in time is my only concern. I feel certain the first visit takes longer. Thanks for everything!!! Loved Brooke!!! And her assistant and the shampoo lady too. The receptionist is also very friendly!!

Rhonda Exum 10/25/2019

5 STARS! Paula is fantastic. She talks with me before the color/cut to make sure I am happy with the current color and style. She also makes recommendations regarding the color and/or cut. In addition, she always lets me know what products she is using that day and how and when to use those products. Before I leave she makes sure I have my next appointment. I would highly recommend Paula to anyone.

Suzanna Maddox 10/25/2019

5 STARS! The staff is always so welcoming and friendly. Prices are fairly reasonable and you get what you want.

Anonymous 10/24/2019

5 STARS! Wonderful experience, friendly, helpful staff!

Olivia Brown 10/24/2019

5 STARS! I loved the time Melanie spent talking to me about the issue I had with my hair styling and care. She was great and really proved to me it all starts with a good cut!!!

Nina Jones 10/23/2019

5 STARS! Best Salon ever!

Rima Duvall 09/24/2019

5 STARS! I had a great experience here. Love my haircut and everyone who worked there! Very welcoming and attentive.

Shandra Lietz 09/22/2019

5 STARS! Business is well run and I love my haircut.

Elizabeth Gilless 09/21/2019

5 STARS! Excellent experience, as usual, with Caroline!!!

Suzanne Hurst 09/21/2019

5 STARS! I always have a great experience at Great Lengths. My hair is Amazing because of Caroline.

Danetta Townsdin 09/20/2019

5 STARS! My second experience and I must say I was totally impressed. Caitlin was awesome. She explained everything and gave tips on how to care for my hair. I felt at ease. A GREAT experience. Thank you, Caitlin and Great Lengths I really love my hair.

Catherine Johnson 09/20/2019

5 STARS! Paula and all of the staff at Great Lengths are awesome! I have been going there for years and have had my hair cut and styled by many of the stylists there and they are all great! I first wen there years go when searching for a stylist who understood both how to cut wavy hair to optimize the curl and to be able to style the same cut straight. Success! They are so good!

Anonymous 09/19/2019

5 STARS! These ladies are skilled in their business! Brooke and their well-trained techs have taught me how to make my once unmanageable frizzy hair bounce with beautiful curls. Thank you, girls.

Karen Walker 09/18/2019

5 STARS! Wonderful service!

Meghan Roelofs 09/08/2019

5 STARS! From the second I step through the door until the second I leave, I am treated so kindly! I love Great Lengths and Melody, Carla, Teresa, and Molly!!

Amy Phipps 09-01-2019

5 STARS! I love coming to Great Lengths! I've been working with Caroline for about a year and during my last visit, we were both blown away with how healthy my hair is. Great Lengths doesn't just give you a cut and send you on your way, they take the time to get to know you and your hair so that they can provide you with the education you need to make your hair the best that it can be!

Abby McDonald 08-31-2019

5 STARS! Professional, knowledgeable and caring.

Denise Price 08-31-2019

5 STARS! I got my first deva cut and for the first time since having my children, I can finally style my hair easily at home! I struggled for years with my curly hair and always felt like it was a mess. Not only did I leave the salon looking great, but I have been able to replicate that look on my own!

Kate Guoba 08-29-2019

This is your Testimonial quote. Give your customers the stage to tell the world how great you are!

Jana Lawson 08-29-2019